Chip Tuning For Your Diesel Car

Diesel car chip tuning | Willys Workshop are not only very economical to run, they can also be fast and responsive if tuned well. The fact that they can be so nimble when compared to petrol engines is partly what makes them so popular.

Adding a performance chip to your car is the simplest way to optimise the power and torque of your vehicle without having to make any mechanical changes to the engine. Depending on the quality of the chips available, the power and torque increases can be significant. This is largely due to the parallel management of important parameters such as diesel injector timing, boost pressure and injection quantity by the chip. This results in a healthy increase in power and torque without exceeding the safe, factory maximums.

Diesel Eco Tuning: Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Footprint

Chips that are of good quality are also plug-and-play which means they can be easily removed and reinstalled at any time without leaving any traces or irreversible damage to the ECU. DTE Systems PowerControl is a prime example of this; it is designed and tested to the highest standards by our team of engineers to ensure that it delivers optimum performance for your vehicle.

Another option for enhancing the performance of your diesel car is through ECU remapping. This involves changing the settings in the ECU that controls the car’s engine. It’s best to consult a diesel specialist who has extensive knowledge of your vehicle, its usage and the area it’s driven in to maximise the benefits. However, it is worth noting that remapping the ECU can void the manufacturer’s warranty if not carried out properly.