How to Create Visually Appealing Pinterest Collection Ads

Pinterest collection ads is a visual platform, so everything from your Pin’s color to its size has a huge impact on how users respond. We help you create Pins that are visually appealing and aligned with your campaign goals.

Collection ads are mobile placements that feature a hero image or video and up to 24 additional assets. When clicked, these assets open up into a “shop the look” experience that allows you to showcase your full product range and encourage users to take action. This is a great option if you have e-commerce products and want to move your customers deeper into the funnel.

Pinterest Collection Ads: Driving Engagement and Sales

Using the “Shop the Look” format in Collection Ads is an effective way to increase conversions and sales on your website. This can be achieved by targeting a specific URL and creating a seamless landing page that matches the products featured in your ad.

Use aesthetically pleasing imagery that demonstrates your products or services in real life settings. This will make your ad feel more natural and allow users to envision how your products might fit into their lives.

Ensure your Pin’s description is clear and concise, and contains keywords to help potential customers find you. Also, include a branded call to action that drives traffic back to your website.

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