MailGuard Review

A platform like MailGuard can be deployed by consultants to help protect from phishing is a cloud-based email security solution that protects the people, brands and data in your email. Its unique cloud-based technology can detect threats faster than traditional vendor solutions. Its solutions are co-developed with Microsoft and Google, making them uniquely stackable with Google Workspace and M365.

Who are MailGuard’s competitors?

MailGuard can protect your business from spear phishing and malicious online phishing attacks, while also safeguarding against spam attacks and malware threats. It works by monitoring inbound E-mail and detecting threats up to 48 hours ahead of time. MailGuard also has exceptional customer support and aims to resolve any issue with just one phone call. Its unique pricing model also lets accounting firms offer their clients a special deal: MailGuard Defense is 20% cheaper than standard email security plans and only costs a few dollars per month.

Cybercrime is a major concern for businesses today. With more than 293 billion emails sent daily, or 2 trillion emails per week, email has become a prime target for cybercriminals. Companies and their customers can suffer significant brand damage from leaking confidential information. MailGuard’s technology intercepts and blocks these threats using proprietary Hybrid AI threat detection engines. Furthermore, its proactive heuristic filters help save bandwidth.

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