Rockstar Kush 101

Rockstar kush

The world can’t get enough of Rockstar Kush. This is why it has been ranked as one of the 100 best online Christian Songs, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Composers of All Time by the Online Independent Music Experts. With numerous chart topping hits, countless concert tickets sold out in record time and multiple award winning songs, this Canadian musical act has truly created a huge stir in the Christian community as well as among non-Christians all over the world. They have been able to ride their way to the top because of their unique musical blends and powerful lyrics.


Growing up as a Christian, watching my father and uncles encourage us to sing songs like “I am a Rockstar” and “I am a God Fearing Man” made it abundantly clear to me that this was the way I wanted to follow my life. Growing up, I always knew that being a Christian was the right path to follow. But it wasn’t until I decided to go to school that I really understood how other students felt about these songs and that I could relate to them. After college, I continued to search for the same kind of meaning in life, and that’s when I found Rockstar Kush.


With the success of their self titled album and their incredible viral marketing campaign, they have now become the top selling Christian Songs on the net. Having sold millions of copies, they continue to tour the country and beyond. What a testament to their sound and timing! These guys are definitely an incredible live act, vocalist and guitar player. I could listen to their music over again and I would still be amazed by each new offering. My newest favorite is “Give Me The Reason,” which goes to show why they are so great.

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