The Year of the Goat Watch

The Watch Goat

Goats are independent, observant creatures, representing a pastoral world of green meadows and mountains. To honor the Year of the Goat, several watch brands specializing in metiers d’arts are now offering special edition watches that evoke the animal’s beauty. This link

Alps Mountain Range | Alpine goats are adapted to winter climates, with thick coats and hooves that grip snow. These awe-inspiring animals are also excellent mothers who care for their babies until they are strong enough to leave the mother’s pouch.

Avalanche Rescue Video Featuring Baby Chamois and Goats

Adapted to survive the harsh climate of the Alps, this video shows how chamois and other animals escape from a devasting avalanche in the Alpine mountains. The video was made for National Geographic’s Wild series, and it is a great way to see the amazing adaptation of these animals in the face of a dangerous winter climate.

The Rise of The Watch Goat as a Premier Watch Retailer

Across the United States, a growing number of people are turning to goat yoga. According to instructor Jenna Morse, the practice has helped her clients with anxiety, depression, and other health problems.

New Goat Simulator Game Takes Off With Internet Attention

A video of a goat being filmed by an untrained eye has become so popular on the internet that it spawned a video game. The video, called “Goat,” was posted on YouTube and has gained over a million views.

Robo-Goats Are Now the Hotest Way to Get Around

Automotive company Kawasaki has created a rideable, robotic goat based on the wild ibex species that can carry passengers up to 220 lbs. The rideable goat is fitted with wheels, and can be controlled using handlebars.

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