Breathwork Teacher Training

Breathwork teacher training is a great option for anyone who is passionate about teaching breathwork, but doesn’t want to commit to a full certification course. These courses will provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge to teach the modern breathwork techniques that are revolutionizing our health and wellbeing.

Why is breathwork so powerful?

Yin Yoga School offers breathwork instructor training online that is well structured and easy to understand. The courses are a mixture of reading, lectures and videos and it will help you learn the basics of pranayama, subtle anatomy, modern breathing techniques and how to teach these methods in a safe and effective way.

Carmen’s breathwork facilitator training is an excellent choice for seasoned yoga teachers, therapists, and bodyworkers who are looking to incorporate breathwork in their practice. During this 6-month program, you’ll receive a comprehensive, holistic breathwork training with practical hands-on experience and support to translate breath patterns in yourself and others.

Christopher Gladwell’s Evolutionary Breathwork Instructor Programme is a 2-year course that gives you an in-depth look at breathwork and helps you understand how to use it for your own well-being as well as the knowledge necessary to teach it to others. This course consists of video content, text, quizzes and year-end retreats.

Loka Yoga School provides a fantastic course that was very well arranged and easy to follow with great information and helpful practice sessions. I enjoyed learning about pranayama, subtle anatomy and all the different types of breathwork that can be done.

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