Milk Protein Drinks

milk protein drinks

Milk protein drinks  provide high-quality, dairy-derived protein and key vitamins and minerals to promote muscle growth, support a healthy weight and help you feel full between meals. They also contain the amino acids you need to build muscle. Milk and milk-derived proteins are well-studied for their numerous health benefits including anticarcinogenic, antihypertensive, immunomodulatory, antidiabetic and bone-strengthening properties (6).

The most effective way to get protein and essential nutrients is by drinking a balanced diet, but that may not always be feasible or desirable. Milk protein drinks are a convenient and tasty option to help you reach your nutritional goals. They are available in powder form and ready-to-drink cans, as well as in a range of flavours.

Powerful Protein in a Glass: Exploring the Benefits of Milk Protein Drinks

Protein shakes vary in their protein content, but generally they offer a more concentrated source of milk-derived protein than a glass of milk. Some are low in sugar (and therefore suitable for lactose intolerant people), but others have a lot of added sugar which can lead to digestive issues, including bloating, indigestion and a weakened immune system (7).

Taking a milk protein drink after a workout is helpful for muscle maintenance and may encourage more rapid improvements in strength training performance than a non-protein beverage, according to one study published in the journal “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” (8). Milk proteins are rich in casein protein, which changes texture and becomes firmer in your stomach as it digests, releasing a slow supply of amino acids to combat the breakdown of muscles at night (9).

Whether you choose a powder or a ready-to-drink drink, look for one that is free from added sugar. Added sugar increases the number of calories you take in, which can result in increased body fat and a disrupted sleep cycle.

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