Netball Line Marking Installation

netball line marking installation

We are specialists in netball line marking installation on a range of different sport surfacing specifications at schools, leisure centres and sports clubs. The brightly coloured court lines are applied in specialist paint coatings which also offer high levels of slip resistance. The line markings encourage children to take part in physical activities and can help them improve their overall fitness levels as well as team work and social skills.

Netball is a fast-paced game which requires players to move quickly and react to the ball. The game also has a lot of rules and restrictions on where players can shoot or pass the ball, so having clear and visible court markings is essential.

Ace the Court: Netball Line Marking Installation Tips and Tricks

The main court markings for netball are the sideline lines, the centre circle and the goal circle lines. These are all 50mm wide and should be clearly marked on the ground. Additionally, there is the transverse line, which splits the court into quarters and the center third lines, which divide each half of the court into three equal sections.

It is also important to note that the netball ring must be 3.05m away from each end line. This is a rule introduced to ensure that the players are protected from collisions and to prevent any dangerous situations for the umpires.

Having high-quality and accurate netball court markings can help improve player performance, as they will have more visual cues on where to go and how to play the game. This helps them to be more effective and reduces any potential injuries. The lines are painted using a high-quality acrylic paint, which is designed to last and withstand the conditions on the surface.

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