Terraced Seating – A Timeless Design Feature

Terraced seating is a timeless design feature that adds to the luxury and elegance of any home. Whether it’s a lounge area or a dining space, carefully chosen terrace furniture will complement the overall design and create the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining. GPAD has worked with clients in both residential and commercial properties to create stylish, comfortable terrace seating arrangements that make the most of their outdoor spaces.

Terraces (or terracing) are traditionally the standing areas of a stadium in England and Ireland, offering spectators an opportunity to stand and cheer along with their team. Often cheaper than seats, terraces became the most popular area for die-hard supporters and have lent football its reputation as one of the most atmosphere-filled sports. But in recent times they’ve fallen out of favour with the Taylor report and a preference for all-seater stadiums.

Innovative Solutions: Tiered Seating for Dynamic Environments

During the 1902 Ibrox disaster a framework of bleacher-style terraces collapsed killing many fans. In subsequent years the terraces were replaced with concrete and metal crush barriers to prevent any future catastrophes. They remain a common feature in Irish Gaelic stadiums like Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Fitzgerald Stadium and Croke Park.

Modern all-seated arenas have not been disaster-free, however. Injuries to spectators at a cricket match at FedEx Field, Washington in 2001 and other controversies have demonstrated that even the best stadiums can be prone to disaster if crowd control isn’t up to scratch. Ultimately, banning terraces won’t help the safety of supporters if there is no better way of controlling the number of people allowed into the grounds.

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